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10 Incredible Facts You Didn't Know About Your Brain

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The weird and wonderful brain has evolved to do some pretty incredible things. Not only can it restructure itself, but half a brain can even operate an entire body human body with little consequences.

Many of us go through our whole lives without knowing very much about the incredible thinking machine between our ears. If you've never seen a fully conscious brain operation, you'll want to watch the quick clip below!

See how many of these facts you know about the incredible human brain!

1. It Feels No Pain

Since there are no pain receptors in the human brain, doctors can perform surgery on it while you're awake!

The brain is such a complex organ, that it's actually a good idea to be conscious during the procedure. While they're working, they can test to be sure that they haven't done anything to accidentally mess with important functions like your vision or your hearing.

2.  There Are 100,000 Miles Of Blood Vessels In It

Well, technically, there are about 109,000 miles of myelinated axons in a 20-year-old man's brain - just enough to wrap around the Earth's equator 4 1/2 times.

A 20-year-old woman's brain requires less wiring, it has about 92,600 miles of axons.

3. Men's Brains Are 10%  Larger Than Women's

While the male brain is slightly larger than the female brain, research suggests that both sexes' brains are more similar than they are different.

In fact, a larger size doesn't necessarily translate into higher, overall intelligence. A woman's brain shrinks during pregnancy and could also very likely be affected by the hormone changes of menopause.

Women have higher brain volume in 10 regions, while men have a higher brain volume in 14 regions.

Find out what happens to your brain when you're as brilliant as Einsteine! Turn the page...

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