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10 Items In Your Attic That Are Worth A Lot More Than You Think

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Many of us have a bad habit of hoarding items in the our attics and basements, and as the years pass by, we often forget about them.

When we do eventually get around to sorting through them, we end up throwing out a good portion of the loot. But did you ever stop to think that you may be getting rid of items that could've been worth a lot money?

There are a lot of valuable items hiding among the junk. You just need to put in a little bit of effort to sort the treasure from the trash so you can rake in some extra cash.

Here are 10 items you probably have in your attic that are worth a lot more than you think:

1. Vinyl Records

The Beatles

One of the easiest ways to make some extra cash is by dusting off your old record collection and putting some of them up for sale. "Items that were cherished by the demographic which grew up in the '60s and '70s is at its peak currently, with items like Pyrex, rock LPs, modern furniture, toys, etc.—all of which are in high demand," John Neiheisel, Art & Antique Specialist told

Certain records by artists like The Beatles, Bob Dylan, David Bowie and Prince can make you $5,000-$45,000 richer.

2. Luggage Sets


You probably have a hand-me-down luggage set covered in cobwebs in your attic, but did you know that your vintage trunks may be really valuable? Designer luggage sets like the Louis Vuitton trunks pictured above are worth big bucks, but don't worry, you can still rake in a lot of money by selling your non-designer luggage set.

3. Ball Mason Jars


Nowadays, mason jars are used for a variety of purposes, from serving drinks to overnight oats, but back in the refrigerator-free days, these glass jars were a household staple mainly used to store and preserve food. If you can get your hands on an original canning jar from the 1840s to 1920s, you could make up to $1,000. Keep an eye out for the rare upside-down Ball Mason Jar. They were only issued between 1900 and 1910, and have a higher price point.

4. Rocking Chairs


Don't take grandpa or grandma's rocking chair for granted. As long as the chair is in good condition and has markers that can be used to easily identify the craftsman and date, then you can sell it for some extra cash. An antique Mission Oak Sewing Rocking Chair by Gustav Stickley is currently going for $850 on eBay.

5. Dollhouses

Of course not all dollhouses are created the same, which means, there are some that are much more valuable than the rest. Vintage dollhouses built by well-known toy companies, like Hobbies of Dereham, can fetch upwards of $2,000.

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