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10 'Magical' Stress-Reduction Foods That Will Help You Shed The Pounds

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Doctors, health experts, nutritionists, and food bloggers are always telling us not to eat sugar, gluten, or fat if we want a healthy body and mind, but they don't tell us the foods we should be eating.

If you battle stress every single day, there's a culprit involved: a stress hormone called cortisol. An imbalance of this hormone can caused you to become "an emotional eater" to make yourself feel better. The only problem is, eating the foods you crave during times of extreme stress could actually increase your cortisol levels, causing you to become even more stressed. High cortisol levels also make your body store fat faster, resulting in that dreaded "muffin top."

Luckily, there are some foods you can eat that are proven to help balance cortisol and regulate belly fat.

1. Passion Fruit

Great British Chefs

Have you ever passed up a tropical fruit that looks like a large grape at the grocery store? You might want to toss a few of the pulp-filled fruits into your cart. Passion fruit has a high vitamin C content, which will calm your body and help you fight stress. Also, it's high in fiber so it will make you feel full longer.

2. Turnip

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You'd rather eat mashed potatoes instead of turnip, am I right? You might want to substitute it. The root vegetable is high in phytochemicals and vitamin C, both of which have been known to reduce stress hormones and regulate body fat.  

3. Papaya

Alkaline Valley Foods

Papaya is another tropical fruit you'll want to snack on when you're feeling stressed. The 88mg of vitamin C and high levels of fiber make this an ideal belly fat buster and stress reducing food. Just slice it in half and scoop out the seeds - it tastes like a cross between a melon and a mango.

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