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10 People Who Turned Their Body Into A Drawing Board

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As the years pass, culture and socially accepted practices tend to change. When I got my first tattoo in 2004 it was still considered somewhat socially unacceptable; only "criminals and military personnel" were expected to be heavily inked up. Now, everyone and their grandmothers have decided to take their first steps into a tattoo parlor.

I now find myself in the majority; those people with a tattoo as opposed to not. That being said, there are still levels to a person's dedication to body modification, and some people have taken it to extremes that I would never consider for myself.

Here are 10 of the most heavily tattooed people in the world.  

1. Paul Lawrence - The Enigma

Paul Lawrence is more commonly known by his alias, The Enigma. He is a musician, actor and stage performer who has covered himself completely in jigsaw puzzle pieces. He has had over 200 tattoo artists work on him while completing his bodysuit.

Sia Magazine

2. Kala Kawai

With over 75% of his body completely covered in ink, along with a huge number of implants and piercings, Kala Kawai is someone who is used to being stared at. He owns his own tattoo parlor which explains why he has never been hesitant to continue his body modification journey. You will be excused if you think that he has taken his passion above and beyond what is considered normal.

Crazy Ask

3. Dennis Avner - The Cat Man

Clearly Mr. Avner is obsessed with both tattoos and cats. He has spent many years of his life making his startling transformation. Not only did he cover his entire body in tiger stripes, but he has also undergone a ton of plastic surgery to complete the look he is going for. He was found dead in November 2012. There are unconfirmed rumors that he may have committed suicide.

4. Tom Leppard - The Leopard Man

Tom Leppard once held the Guinness Book of World Records record for being the world's most tattooed man. In fact, every inch of his body is covered in ink except his fingers and inside his ears. This 78-year-old man currently lives in a cabin on a the Isle of Skype in Scotland.

The Telegraph

5. Rick Genest - Zombie Boy

Canadian, Rick Genest, gained infamy when he posted a series of photos of himself online in 2010. He became so widely known that he was even featured in the music video for Lady Gaga's song, "Born This Way." It is easy to see why they call him Zombie Boy.  

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