8 Places That You Need To Visit In 2018 That You Will Never Want To Leave

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The New Year is almost upon us and it is time to start thinking about what we are going to do with our lives in the coming year. Most people will be considering what New Year's resolutions that they will attempt to undertake, but others will be planning what parts of the world they want to set foot on in 2018.

The world has become a much smaller place with cities and countries becoming far more accessible than in they have been in the past, and it is time to start taking advantage of that fact. Here are 8 places that you need to visit in 2018 that are so amazing that you will never want to leave.

1. Valletta, Malta

This trio of islands in the Mediterranean have found themselves thrust into the limelight, they have been named the 2018 European Capital of Culture, and already are a UNESCO World Heritage site. The city of Valletta dates back to the mid 1500s and is the beautiful, charming picture of perfection of what an island nation is supposed to be.


2. Fiji

You want beauty? Well Fiji is the places you need to visit if you want to see white sand beaches, the bluest water you will ever see, colorful coral reefs, and a tropical rain forest that will simply take your breath away. It's time to spend a couple of weeks living in a beautiful beach-side villa.


3. Solta, Croatia

Croatia is one of the more beautiful countries in Eastern Europe. The city of Solta is one of the more unknown gems located in the country that includes 1200 islands. It is a center of culture which includes wine making, olive groves, open air restaurants and amazing beach clubs. The island city is the second largest city in the country.

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4. Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada

This small island province on the east coast of Canada is one of the oldest inhabited areas of the country. It is famous for its red dirt, delicious sea food, and amazing golfing. It is a sleepy place that offers privacy, and everything from rolling hills to sandy beaches. This is true Canadian hospitality at its finest.


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