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10 Rare Baby Names for The Next Generation That Aren't Obnoxious


We all want the best for our children - especially when it comes to giving them a head start in life.

Studies have shown that choosing the right name actually has an affect on your child's future success (no pressure), but how can we know we've made the right choice?

These rare names straddle the line between contemporary and traditional. They're quickly gaining popularity and it's not hard to see why!

Find your favorite below:

10. Ripley

If you are a Sci-fi lover, then you'll want to consider this strong name for either your little girl or your little boy.

This up-and-coming name could be a tribute to the iconic character, Ellen Ripley, who totally saved the day in the Alien movies. Ripley is a wonderful name for your little hero or heroine.

9. Finnick

A spunky twist on the familiar Irish name, Finn, your little Finnick might actually be one of a few in his grade.

As the Hunger Games generation settles down into family life, the trend for a modernized Finn could make a break through in the coming years.

8. Bowie

Gender-neutral with Gaelic origins, this adorable name is super charming. Whether you are a fan of the late music legend David Bowie's jam or just love to groove to your own beat, this baby name totally rocks!

Whether you've got big dreams of your little one reaching for the stars or you long to reach back into your ancestry, these rising names are sure to please any picky parent!

7. Elon

Name one other person with this monkier. Avant-garde thinker, Elon Musk is an excellent source of inspiration for your little entrepreneur.

6. Calder

Inspired by tradesman style names like Cooper and Tanner, Calder is culturally associated with sculptor Alexander Calder.

It's an English surname with Gaelic and Welsh influences that has a nice ring to it and is quickly rising to the top.

5. Aoife

Tough to spell but sweet to hear, little EE-fa is full of radiance and wonder. The Irish name means "beautiful" which is perfect for your little princess!

4.   Evander

The Greek name meaning "manly" is about as macho as you can get without loosing any of the romance. Move over Romeo, there's a new heartthrob in town!

3. Teo

This sweet name sounds lovely on its own, but if you want something your little tyke can grow into, consider giving him the full version : Teodore, or Theodore.

In Greek, it means "God's gift" - and that he certainly is!

2. Oaklyn

It's an unofficial trend, but millennial mothers have been tacking-on the infamous 'lyn' to pretty much every name out there.

Why not mix it up and feminize the mighty Oak tree? It's a rare title, but perfect for a strong-minded little girl. It's not new - parents as far back as the 1880s were bestowing it upon their little acorns.

Be among the first to bring it forward into the millennium.

1. Wyatt

A solid name that comes from the Old English words wig, meaning "war", and heard, meaning "brave, hardy."

This name has roots and the energy of confidence that is perfect if your child is a force to be reckoned with.

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