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10 Rarely-Seen Vintage Royal Family Holiday Cards Auctioned Off [PHOTOS]

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The holidays are always a magical time, receiving well-wishes from family, friends, and loved ones is a treat.

While we can imagine the the royal family has a lengthy, and never been seen before now holiday card list.

A collection of the Queen's Christmas cards were auctioned off last week. While they're no longer for sale, these personal images give us a fascinating look into this family's lives over the years.

In 1962, Little Prince Andrew is mesmerized by his reflection as his family look on to his reaction.


In 1971, Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip and their 4 children pose together at home for their family card.


In 1978, the royal family share a candid moment at home with the Queen, Philip and their dogs.


In 1981, the royal family shared an official portrait from Prince Charles and Princess Diana's wedding. The Queen's beaming smile is unforgettable!


In 1983, Princess Anne is sporting a sweater with a crown on it as the rest of the family smiles big for the camera.

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