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10 Secrets About 'Alaskan Bush People" They'd Probably Rather Stayed In Seclusion

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7. That's Not My Name

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Though Bam Bam, Rainy, Birdy, and Bear are interesting names, they're not legally accurate. Most of the Brown family goes by chosen names, although Rainy's real name is crazier than her fake one.

Ami: Amora Lee Branson Brown

Bam Bam: Joshua Bam Bam Brown

Bear: Solomon Isaiah Freedom Brown

Birdy: Amora Jean Snowbird Brown

Rain: Merry Christmas Katherine Raindrop Brown

8. Storybook Life

Billy Brown wrote a novel called "One Wave At A Time," and some fans wonder if that's what the entire series is based around. There are many similarities between his life and the book. Of course, writing can be based off of personal experiences, but it's hard not to see the extreme parallels between the Brown family and the story in "One Wave At A Time."

9. Hotel Living

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Though the family is filmed in their secluded house most of the time, rumor has it that's not always where they stay. Residents of Hoonah, Alaska say they've seen the family staying at a local hotel called the Icy Strait Lodge.

10. Life of Tragedy


Billy admits to being born into a lavish life, but it didn't last long.

"I was given new boats and cars for my birthdays. I was truly the luckiest kid in town…I had it all— money, clothes, big ticket toys, and a loving family too," he said.

However, in 1969, a freak plane crash killed Billy's parents and his older sister. Billy was sent into a depression and ultimately found himself homeless. That's when he decided to live off the grid.

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