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10 Signs Your Best Friend Is More Like A Sister

LA Times

We all have that one person that we are positive was our sister in another life. Here's 10 signs your best friend is family:

1. You're brutally honest with each other

No matter how brutal it may be..

2. You can count on them for anything

Whether you need to borrow an outfit or hide a dead body, she'll be there.

3. You know every detail about each others lives

And if you don't, it's a big deal

4. You are on the same page about everything

You hate the same people, like the sames things, and practically think the exact same.

5. You fight like sisters

They're always stupid and you're over it in 10 minutes.

6. You can have a conversation without having to talk

Something about being best friends makes you telepathic. With one look, you know exactly what she's thinking. There's no proof around it, but someone should definitely do a study on this.

7. When you spend too long apart, you feel empty

Anything longer than two days is an eternity.

8. You share the same interests

Or bad habits...

9. You know exactly what to get them for special occasions

You have exactly what you're buying for her birthday, planned 10 months in advance.

10. You know you'll be friends for ever

You'll still be as weird and dysfunctional when you're old and grey.  

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