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10 Sore Throat Symptoms That Mean You Should See A Doctor

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In the winter, it feels like we are constantly fighting off a thousand colds at once. Anytime you hear someone cough at your coffee shop, sneeze on the bus, or sniffle in an elevator, you know that your immune system will be working hard.

Inevitably we all end up getting sick, but how do you know when it's something more than just a cold? Chances are you don't want to go to the doctor if it's just a regular sore throat because there's not always a lot they can do. They will tell you to get some rest and drink some fluids, but how do you know whether you should bother making a doctor's appointment?  

Here's how to know when that tickle in your throat is something that you should be worried about:

1. Long-Lasting Fever

If you develop a fever that lasts several days, it is time to go to the doctor. It means your body is trying to fight off an infection and could use some help.

2. Trouble Breathing

If you find that your breathing has become labored or heavy, you should see a doctor. There might be build up in your lungs that require antibiotics.

3. Drooling

If you you find that you are drooling then it's definitely time to get to a clinic.

4. Difficulty Speaking or Opening the Mouth

If your sore throat starts to make it uncomfortable to speak then that could indicate a more serious infection.

5. Enlarged or Swollen Throat or Tongue

When your throat feels scratchy, it's not always dangerous, but if it starts to swell up you might be suffering from issues that will require more attention.

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