10 Unique Tombstones That Make You Rethink How You Want To Be Buried

When we die what kind of a legacy do we leave behind? For most of us it is not something that can be quantified in a history book, but that doesn't mean we can't leave something behind to get people talking. These are some of the most unique, strange, beautiful and down right haunting tombstones in existence.

1. Swinging with Jesus.

Boredom Therapy

This tombstone is both beautiful and creepy at the same time. The sentiment of a child being in heaven being pushed on a swing by Jesus is something most parents would love to believe. But the image of Jesus's half-body melting out of a stone arch makes it look a little creepy. Either way most of us would stop to take a look at this unique headstone.

2. Uhm?

College Humor

This tombstone is more than a little hard to comprehend, this appears to be a tribute to beastiality? I have no words to describe this, maybe it had a different meaning back when it was originally commissioned, but now all I can do is stare and laugh uncomfortably.

3. As in life so too in death.

Hollywood Grave Hunter

I guess when you are well-known for something in life you may as well immortalize yourself that way in death as well. This is the gravestone of  W. Jack Crowell, who owned the National Clothespin Company, the last wooden clothespin manufacturer in the United States.

4. That's one way to stick it to the man.

Amusing Planet

This is kind of awesome. Several years ago a graveyard in rural Indiana was being moved to make room to run a new highway through. But before graves can be moved, every effort has to be made to reach out to the family of the deceased to ask for permission. Well, one grandson wasn't having it, and he refused to allow his grandmother to be moved. With no other options the state eventually had to build the road around the grave.

5. Visiting with the deceased in style.

College Humor

I make yearly trips to visit some of my friend's graves on the anniversary of their deaths, it's my way of making sure I never forget. I rarely stay long because standing there in front of headstone for extended periods can be tiring and off-putting. Whoever came up with this idea got it right. Their visitors can sit down, crack a bottle and have a drink with their fallen friend or family member.

6. Call waiting, please hold.


The world of today is undeniably addicted to their smartphones and other devices, but this may be taking it just a step too far?

7. Put your hands up.

Journal of the Bizarre

Maybe this person was a hand talker, or a magician or a hand model. Without context it's hard to understand why this tombstone was created. Whatever the reason, these are well crafted and wouldn't look out of place in an art exhibit.

8. Fear factor 100


Either Georges Rodenbach wanted to look like he was breaking out of his grave to come back because of unfinished business, or he was like "f*** it" time to get this show on the road, sealing himself into his tomb. Either way you look at it, catching sight of this headstone in the dark is sure to scare most people silly.

9. Death comes for us all.

Unbelievable Facts

Headstones were not always the way they are now, monuments of hope, peace and memories of good times past. They used to be reminders that no one can escape death, and that you will pay for your life's transgressions in the next life. This headstone seems to be leaning more towards traditional representation.

10. Together forever


I am not sure what to say about this headstone. Whomever had this commissioned was going for shock value? I think they were trying to symbolize love even after death, I just see what looks like a Halloween decoration.

Are you going to get creative with your resting place?