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10 Stunning And Unique Animals Who Will Take Your Breath Away

Chimerism is a condition that causes two fertilized eggs with two sets of DNA to merge into one. It can cause a lot of different things to happen, like being born with both male and female organs, two different blood types or in some very special cases it causes a "mosaic".

This special "mosaic" effect causes animals coloring to be split down the middle with two different patterns or colors. Sometimes chimerism also has the same appearance as albinism so they will look extremely pale in color.

Here are 10 of the most striking examples of this condition:

1. That's a horse of a different color...

2. A very fancy lobster indeed!

3. Sometimes the colors come out quite stunning.

4. They look completely extrodinary

5. Amazing how perfectly split it can be

6. And perfectly adorable

7. This looks so awesome!

8. Imagine seeing one of these guys in your trees?

9. Absolutely remarkable!

10. They are completely amazing.

Can you believe how amazing these are?

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