10 Things You Didn't Know About Your Own Pee

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Well, in the world of useless information, your urine has its own special place on the pedestal. Here are 14 things you likely didn't know about your own pee.

1. Pee changes color, and it's not always a bad thing.

The food you consume can affect the color of your urine, so don't freak out if suddenly you have selected a whole new color pallete. But if your urine turns brown or red it is time to go see a doctor because that can be a sign of bladder, kidney or liver problems.


2. It doesn't heal jellyfish stings.

I wish I would have known this one as a kid. Being from Prince Edward Island, anytime you ended up getting stung (usually on the lower half of your body) your parents would tell you to pee on your leg. Glad I did that so many times for no reason.

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3. 95% of your urine is straight water.

By the time you have died, your kidneys will have cleaned and changed one million gallons of water into pee.


4. Pee is completely sterile"ish".

While urine is in your bladder it is 100% sterile, but the minute it exits it can pick up bacteria from inside your body as well as the air around you.


5. The smell can be concerning from a health perspective.

Food can have a major impact on the smell of your urine, foods like asparagus and garlic can alter the smell significantly. But if you get a hint at these smells consult your doctor.

• Smell of ammonia = dehydration.

• Musty smell might mean liver disease.

• Foul smell = bladder infection.

• Sweet smell could mean diabetes.

Katherine Martinelli
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