10 Times Game Show Hosts Just Couldn't Keep It Together

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10 Times Game Show Hosts Just Couldn't Keep It Together

Being a game show host is normally a pretty nice job. You smile, congratulate the contestants and hand out prizes. But like any job it can get on your nerves sometimes.

Rude contestants, outrageous answers and TV magic all inspired these 10 moments where hosts lost their cool:

1. Bob Barker's worst contestant ever

10 Chances is one of the more obscure Price is Right games, but it's not rocket science. Contestants have to unscramble a group of numbers to make the price, and they have (you guessed it) 10 chances to get the right answer.

But a contestant named Joy gave Bob Barker a headache during her appearance. Maybe stage fright got the best of her, because she could barely write an answer and almost ruins her chance to win a new car. Bob's frustration really shows by the end.

"Write Joy! Write!"

2. Gilbert Gottfried cracks up Hollywood Squares

One of the best parts of Hollywood Squares was the fact that contestant had to depend on celebrities for the right answers. Every answer you picked was a test of both your knowledge and the celebrity you were counting on.

In this classic segment, Gilbert Gottfried manages to come up with a few right answers and a few more wrong ones, much to the chagrin of the contestants who manage to get it wrong every time. Before he even shouts "You fool!" for the last time the other hosts are already laughing.

3. Steve Harvey handles a rude contestant

Half the fun of Family Feud comes from host Steve Harvey's baffled reactions to the answers his contestants come up with. People say the most hilarious things when they're under pressure, and he always seems shocked by their responses.

But his reaction to an unfriendly contestant was even funnier. When his handshake was turned down, Harvey lets the woman know just how it made him feel and makes the audience laugh out of their seats.

4. Howie Mandel's hidden prize

Before he joined the panel of judges on America's Got Talent, Mandel was famous for hosting Deal or No Deal, the nail-bitingly tense show where contestants discovered if the briefcase they picked contained $1 million.

The Banker was trying to tempt this contestant into leaving with the new car hidden behind this giant lemon, but she didn't quite understand. Howie realized there was no way to bring back the tension after her hilarious slip.

How about a clip from Family Feud that made the show an all-time classic?

5. Richard Dawson's funniest answer ever

Before Stave Harvey took over as host of Family Feud, the answers were just as silly but not so risqué. After all, TV was a little tamer in the 70s and 80s.

But Richard Dawson's run as the show's host still had some memorable answers, and this might be the best of them all. It begins with a very simple question: during what month of pregnancy does a woman begin to show? But it gave the contestant a little trouble...

6. Alex Trebek picks on his contestants

Jeopardy!'s longtime host Alex Trebek is mostly known for being professional and playful with his contestants, but he oversteps his boundaries a little during this infamous "Meet the Contestants" segment.

Shockingly this isn't the first time Trebek's comments have made waves. The host also drew headlines when he called a geeky contestant a loser. I'll take Sticks and Stones for 800 Alex.

7. Anne Robinson gets a taste of her own medicine

The Weakest Link was a quiz show with a unique twist, where a team of contestants voted each other off the show each episode until the Strongest Link remained. But the show's main draw was host Anne Robinson, who wasn't afraid to dish out insults at her contestants.

Robinson's icy insults finally met their match when she traded jokes with Howard, a contestant who showed the host no mercy. Of course she didn't let it show, but Howard's snappy comebacks seem to get under Anne's skin during this exchange.

8. Who Wants To Date Meredith Vieira

As soon as Navy pilot Max Schuman steps on stage Meredith suddenly becomes much more interested in the game. She starts flirting before the first question even comes up and struggles to maintain her composure for the rest of the episode.

We'll let you watch the rest of the segment yourself, but suffice to say a Wet Willie is involved and things get very weird very quickly.

9. The Price Is Wrong

We can't put our finger on what's so funny about this contestant's bid for a diamond pendant, but Drew Carey definitely enjoyed it. The most unbelievable part? It was actually right!

10. Pat Sajak can't stop laughing

I'd like to solve the puzzle Pat: If I've won a Gondola ride through Venice, then what country have I just won a trip to? It might sound easy but this question gave Keri and David a bit on trouble during their Wheel of Fortune appearance.

You have to give David some points - he got the right continent after all. Who can really say how they would react under the bright TV lights anyways. And besides, Wheel is a game of spelling skill, not geography!

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