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10 Totally Stupid Reasons Why People Were Fired From Their Jobs

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We all hope that we'll never be shown the door by our boss, but apparently it's something we should all be prepared for. These 10 people were just minding their own business when they were unexpectedly canned. Some were even doing this jobs too well.

See if you think any of these cases are reasonable:

1. Committing a crime...almost 50 years ago

At 68 years old, customer service representative Richard Eggers didn't look much like a hardened criminal, but he lost his job with the Wells Fargo bank because of his chequered past. But Eggers wasn't a bank robber in his younger days, the only thing he "stole" was a 10 cent wash.

In 1963, Eggers found himself in trouble for using a cardboard "slug" shaped like a dime to wash his clothes at a laundromat for free. That was enough to get him fired over federal banking regulations targeting “dishonesty, breach of trust or money laundering.” No, not that kind of laundering.

2. Adding a slice of cheese to a burger

A McDonald's worker in the tiny town of Lemmer in the Netherlands was sent home after breaking the rules by giving away an extra slice of cheese. The worker sold another employee on his break a burger, but added a free slice of cheese at his request.

McDonald's claimed this was not allowed, because a cheeseburger is more expensive than a regular burger. After taking the fast food giant to court, a sympathetic judge ordered them to pay the worker €4,500 in lost wages. That's a lot of cheese.

3. Repeating a Seinfeld joke

In the classic Seinfeld episode "The Good Samaritan," Jerry suggests that instead of "God bless you," people should start saying "you are so good looking" after a sneeze. This caught on with a group of workers during a retreat in 2009, but when they went back to the office they found that not everyone shared their sense of humor.

One of the employees, John Preson, was fired when he repeated the line over and over again to a sneezing woman, which was considered sexual harassment. Funny how that never came up on the TV show.

4. Stopping a carjacking

Juan Canales was working at a Thai restaurant in Florida when he noticed a customer was being carjacked at knifepoint outside the restaurant. Canales managed to wrestle the thief to the ground and restrain him until police arrived.

But when his shift ended later that day, Canales's boss told him not to come back. Apparently the hour he spent rescuing the customer, talking with police and being interviewed for the news was too long for his boss. Luckily, job offers poured in for Canales once his story was shared on local news.

Brace yourself, because this next one is totally unbelievable...

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