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10 Towns With Names So Funny You'll Be Convinced They Aren't Real

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Have you ever wondered where (or what) your town got its name from? In most cases it often dates back to where it's located, or maybe even to an event that happened in the area hundreds of years ago. However, in the case of these 10 towns, we're pretty sure somebody was just having a good laugh.

Intercourse, Pennsylvania


You probably just snickered as much as I did at this name, but its origins are decidedly more tame than its name would suggest. The town was originally called Cross Keys, and it changed its name in 1814. Some say it's because of the "Enter Course" sign that was above its old racetrack, while others say it's for the original meaning of "intercourse" - which meant "everyday social and business connections and interactions."

Idiotville, Oregon

Evolution Control

Sure would hate to say you came from there, wouldn't you? It's an abandoned ghost town that formed around the Ryan's Camp logging camp. Because of its remote location, it was often said that only an idiot would move there.

Toad Suck, Arkansas

Toad Suck

This one dates back to the days of riverboats. The town sits on the edge of the river, and its tavern was a frequent stop for the sailors, who would apparently "suck on the bottle [of alcohol] until they swelled up like toads."

Ding Dong, Texas

Bell County

So, for starters, the town is located in Texas's Bell County, and was the home of general store owner Zulius Bell and his nephew Bert. One day they Bells commissioned a sign for their general store, which ended up being of two bells with "Ding Dong" written underneath. The name stuck as the town expanded.

The names just get more ridiculous from here...

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