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10 Ultrasound Photos That Prove The Miracle Of Life Can Also Be Hilarious

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As expecting parents, getting to see your baby on an ultrasound can be one of the most exciting moments during your pregnancy.

Getting to see firsthand how your baby has grown and what they're up to in there is an exciting prospect. Checking out their anatomy and finding out the gender is an added bonus when you see the hologram image of your baby squirming around inside you up on the screen.

Sometimes when your child is revealed on the screen, you get more than what you bargained for. Check out what these expectant parents saw during their ultrasound.

Sharing a Kiss

Excited parents Carissa and Randy walked into their 25 week ultrasound eager to see how the twins she was carrying are doing. Their ultrasound photo assured them that their daughters are taking good care of each other in the womb and showing love and affection.

Act Like a Rockstar

When this baby threw up the universal rock sign in the woman, Jess and Susan weren't surprised at all. As they were both musicians they were eager to bring another rock star into the family.

Jesus is Watching

This Pennsylvania couple may not be religious, but this ultrasound photo of their daughter has them believing their faith. While they may not have a strong religious calling they do admit to seeing a man dressed in a robe with a crown of thorns looking down at their baby.

Peace Out, Baby

Taken in December 2016, this Ultrasound photo was snapped at just the right moment to become the couple's Christmas card.

Do Not Disturb

Sometimes baby doesn't want to get their picture taken, that doesn't preclude being in the womb. This little boy has already started with the attitude by flipping off anyone who is watching.

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