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10 Ways Release Old Energy And Celebrate The Fall Equinox

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Serenity Tree Yoga

The autumn equinox is the perfect time to recalibrate our inner and outer lives. On this special day, the hours of sunlight and moonlight are equal.

Depending on how this affects you personally, it could be the perfect time to do some culling of emotional baggage and let fall the dead relationships that are holding you back. For others, it's a time to reap all of that we've sown in the spring.

Here's how you can take advantage of this season of gratitude and abundance:

Find Balance

As daylight shifts into shorter hours, prepare your body and mind for the shifting energy by meditating and going to sleep a little earlier.

Get all the rest you need and remember to practice the art of letting go. This is also the perfect time to declutter your home and office.

Have A Potluck

It's harvest time! Share in the bounty of the summer's growth by preparing a delicious spread of baked root vegetables, creamy cheeses, roasted nuts and hearty stews. Invite your friends over and ask them to bring their favorite dish!

Pick Some Apples

Is there anything sweeter than a crisp apple picked fresh off the tree? Take in the crisp cool air and bright sunny days as you quietly stroll through the orchard.

Take a moment to breath it all in and daydream about the delicious apple pies you'll bake for Thanksgiving!

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