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10 Women Throughout History Who Were Guilty Of Evil Acts

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Women are more than capable of doing just about anything a man can do, and in many cases, they can do it a lot better. Men certainly don't have a monopoly on being evil, sadistic human beings.

There have been some truly awful, dangerous and evil men throughout history, but these 10 women have earned their way onto the list of "awful, dangerous and evil." Think several times before you attempt to cross anyone like any of these ladies.

1. Mary Ann Cotton

Mary Ann Cotton was an English serial killer who was active in 1800s England. When she realized that she would start receiving financial compensation for the deaths of her family members, she suddenly found herself a full-time job. She poisoned 21 people with arsenic, including; three of her husbands, 12 of her children, and even her own mother.

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2. Beverley Allitt

Man or woman, anyone who attacks children is a true S.O.B. Between February and April 1991, while working as a nurse in England, she killed 4 children, attempted to kill 3 more, and caused significant bodily harm to six others. She would inject them with lethal doses of insulin and air bubbles to cause pulmonary embolisms.

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3. Queen Mary I

Nicknamed Bloody Mary, the Catholic Queen of England murdered uncountable Protestants. Hundreds of thousands of Protestants fled from England in an attempt save their own lives. They didn't return until Queen Mary died in 1558.

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4. Griselda Blanco

The "Godmother" of cocaine, Griselda was already adept at kidnapping and murdering children by the time she was only 11 years old. She ran drug rings in New York and Miami throughout the 70s and 80s. She was assassinated by being shot in the head in 2012 in Bogota, Colombia. No one knows the true body count of her bloody rule of the drug trade on the eastern seaboard.


5. Belle Gunness

Gunness started off by killing her first husband and three children. She used the insurance money to buy a home. She then remarried, killing her new husband and her new infant daughter. After that, she took out an ad as "a widow with property". When each new "buyer" came to look at the property, they were robbed and murdered. Gunness then fled the country after murdering 40 people. She was never found.

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