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10-Year-Old's Genius Invention Could Stop Hot Car Deaths Forever

They say the mark of a good idea is that as soon as you see it, you think "why didn't I come up with that?" There are whole seasons worth of Shark Tank filled with inventors who failed to grasp this very simple concept, but 10-year-old Bishop Curry has it mastered. While most kids his age are busy thinking about slime or fidget spinners, Curry likes to build football-launching trebuchets and ping-pong ball cannons. But his latest invention could be a life-saver for parents everywhere.

As the weather gets warmer, careless and distracted people are bound to forget their pets and even their children in the backseat of a hot car.

Curry's device, called the Oasis, is designed to protect them.

Curry came up with his idea for the Oasis after the tragic death of a 6-month old child in his hometown last year. Dozens of children die every year from these terrible accidents, but until now no one has created a solution. With help from his dad, who's an engineer, Curry has already built a prototype of the finished device.

The Oasis sits on top of an infant's car seat, and when the temperature rises it sprays cool air onto the child until the parent returns. To make sure they hurry back, the Oasis can also message the parents using a built-in antenna.

Curry says it's his dream to have "lots of inventions that save many lives," and he's well on his way. A fundraiser to help develop the Oasis has raised $20,000 so far, well beyond the project's original goal. Not bad for a kid in 5th grade!

While we think Curry has a million dollar idea, developing, producing and marketing the Oasis will be tough, so he needs all the help he can get.

Despite what happens, we think this kid has a bright future. According to his dad, he's also trying to dream up a way to melt ice and snow on roads without using salt, so stay tuned for that!

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