105-Year-Old Great-Grandmother Finally Finishes High School

It's never too late to fulfill your dreams. This great-grandmother from Pennsylvania is living proof that you're never too old to accomplish your goals.

Theresia Brandl, now 105-years-old, had always wanted to finish high school. Unfortunately tough life choices got in the way.

She had to choose between caring for her sick mother, or finishing school.

"She couldn't take care of herself, so she needed someone to take care of her, so I quit school to take care of her," Brandl said.


Donning her cap and gown last Wednesday, surrounded by her 4 grandchildren, 8 great-grandchildren and 5 great-great-grandchildren she finally was able to accomplish the goal she set out decades earlier.

"All of my friends had one and I decided I needed one," she said.


That's when her family and friends got in touch with the Twilight Wish Foundation, an organization that helps to fulfill wishes for seniors.

"They all chipped in a little bit and helped me get it," Brandl said.


Brandl attended Stowe High School until she dropped out. The school later merged with another forming the Sto-Rox High School, which awarded the 105-year-old her honorary high school diploma.


Afterwards her family held a graduation party for her in her Oakdale nursing home to celebrate the big occasion.


The secret to her long life?

“Just living, watching ball games and football games,” she says.