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11 Bullied Talent Show Contestants Who Silenced Their Haters

There's no shortage of inspiring stories on talent shows, but these contestants who overcame bullying are the most impressive of all:

1. Kyle Tomlinson

This teenage singer got a Golden Buzzer when he appeared on Britain's Got Talent, but also had a very hard time growing up. He describes being picked on, mocked, and even beaten with a scooter.

"But, you know, that's life," he said, "sometimes you have to literally take it on chin." That cheery attitude - and his incredible voice - took him all the way to last year's finals.

2. Devyn Rush

In season 10 of American Idol, 20-year-old Rush seriously impressed the judges, but since she left the competition she's made an even bigger impression on her young fans.

Rush tours the country talking to schoolkids about bullying, something she knows a lot about. “When I was in middle school I was bullied a lot," she says, "and I didn’t believe in myself.” Singing has taught her self-worth, and Rush wants to share that lesson with everyone.

3. Bars and Melody

These pint-sized rappers got a Golden Buzzer from Simon when they appeared on Britain's Got Talent, where they performed a special song with a strong message against bullying.

Leondre, the younger boy, revealed he was bullied in elementary school, and used music as a way to express himself and deal with the pain. While they didn't win the competition, Bars and Melody are still together and making music.

4. Brian Justin Crum

Crum has been singing since he was just 6 years old, and sadly he was bullied from an early age too. Other kids picked on Brian for being gay and overweight, and he didn't hesitate to share his story on America's Got Talent.

"I feel that people don’t share their personal stories enough!" he told HuffPost. "I want to be positive light and show all kids that no matter how hard it is, life can be amazing if you work hard. You just need to find your passion and throw yourself into it!"

Andrew Johnston, the incredible 14-year-old singer, wasn't afraid to share his personal story either!

5. Andrew Johnston

From the moment he sang the first words of "Pia Jesu" on stage, it was clear that Andrew Johnston was born to be a star. He developed an interest in classical music at a young age, which lead his classmates to pick on him.

Johsnton was determined to "keep on singing" no matter what anyone said, and the world fell in love with his incredible voice on Britain's Got Talent. Today he performs in Britain's National Youth Choir.

6. Yoli Mayor

Mayor has been overweight her entire life, which made her a target for bullies who never learned not to judge a book by its cover.

Mayor was told she would have to change her image if she wanted her music career to take off, but she knew better. Her hard work and dedication paid off when the America's Got Talent judges gave her a standing ovation.

7. Susan Boyle

The original overnight sensation, Boyle famously told the judges on Britain's Got Talent she had never been kissed before putting the crowd on their feet with her rendition of "I Dreamed a Dream."

Boyle has Asperger syndrome (a mild form of autism) and says she was bullied in school because of her differences by children who called her "Susie Simple."

Now, the world calls her a Grammy-nominated chart-topper who holds multiple Guinness World Records for her albums and singles.

8. Marcus Collins

Growing up in the mostly-white city of Liverpool, England, Collins' race made him a target for bullies. The singer revealed in an interview with the Daily Star that he would even be chased and attacked in the street.

“Being bullied definitely made me tougher," he said, "I’ve learned to handle knock-backs and rejection." Those lessons came in handy when he auditioned for The X Factor, where he managed to fight for 2nd place behind girl group Little Mix.

9. Caitlyn Vanbeck

Vanbeck's incredible voice made her a fan-favorite on The X Factor, but she wound up being eliminated in the second round. Still, her incredible story resonated with people around the world.

Her performance of "Piece by Piece" moved the judges to tears, but they might have been softened up by her story about being picked on as a child. Incredibly, Vanbeck was picked on because of her singing!

10. Jillian Jensen

There wasn't a dry eye in the house - including Simon's - after this incredible singer's first audition for The X Factor. Like other contestants, she was picked on by kids at school.

Jensen revealed to the judges that her classmates would call her and play her music over the phone as a way to tease the young singer. But we bet they aren't laughing now that the world is in love with Jensen's voice!

11. Jack Higgins

While there are lots of male dancers these days, ballet still has a reputation for being "for girls," which caused lots of trouble for Higgins. Boys at his school picked on him for his love of dance, despite his incredible talent.

"People used to call me names when I started ballet," the 14-year-old told the judges, but he never let that stop him from following his passion, which brought him all the way to the semi-finals of Britain's Got Talent.

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