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11 Ways To Spend Time With Your Grandkids For Under $15

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Being a grandparent is a tough job, but there's no denying it's lots of fun. You get to look after your grandkids, play fun games, visit exciting places, then you can leave all the cleanup to their parents. But Nana and Papa aren't made of money. Your grandkids will love you for taking them to get ice cream and watch a movie every weekend, but your bank account will feel the pinch.

Instead, shake things up with one of these 11 fun and affordable activities.

Most of them cost absolutely nothing, while the most expensive will only set you back $10-15. Plus, we guarantee none of these ideas will hurt your reputation as the "cool" grandparent.

1. Build a fort

We've already written about how cardboard boxes - an absolutely free "toy" you can pick up at the grocery store - fire up children's imaginations like nothing else. Or, pile up all the pillows in your house and let the little ones build their own little mansion.

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2. Bake together

There are lots of fun an easy recipes you can make with your grandchildren. It's a great way to build memories that will last forever, plus your grandchildren will make their own snacks. One less job for you to do!

3. Organize a scavenger hunt

You can keep children entertained for hours by leaving a few clues or riddles around your home that lead from one to the next. Or, make a list of objects hidden around the house (Nana's glasses, the TV remote, "something green") and watch them collect everything.

4. Go to the pet store

The petting zoo costs money, and it can be a long drive away, but there's always a pet store nearby that kids will love to browse. They get to look at cats, dogs, fish, and some stores even let them pet the animals. Just don't let them talk you into buying something!

5. Visit the park

Bring a Frisbee or a ball, some water bottles and a tube of sunscreen and you could spend the whole day playing outside with the grandkids. If you want to spend the day outdoors, we have another list of great day trips for you to try.

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