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11 Elephants Trapped In A Mud Puddle, Rescue Organizations Rush In To Save Them

In what could have been a devastation situation, a community came together and did the right thing. At the Keo Seima Wildlife Sanctuary, a group of eleven elephants were trapped in a pit and were unable to escape.

The elephants were there for a long time before a local farmer spotted them, and it's lucky that they found them when they did.

“They obviously had been in there at least a couple of days … because the little baby was very exhausted and the mud was so sticky,” Jemma Bullock from the Elephant Livelihood Initiative Environment said.

Representatives from the ELIE, the World Wildlife Fund, the Wildlife Conservation Society and the Wildlife Alliance Cambodia all rushed in to help get the elephants out of danger.

They build a ramp that helped 10 of the 11 elephants walk out, while a young one who was exhausted needed some extra help and was pulled out by ropes.

“These elephants represent an important part of the breeding population in Keo Seima Wildlife Sanctuary, and their loss would have been a major blow to conservation,” Tan Setha of the WCS said about the rescue, relieved that all 11 elephants were saved.

So glad they could help these wonderful creatures!

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