11 Everyday Objects With Secret Uses You Don't Know About

You know what a pen cap is for. You know what jean pockets are for. But there are so many different uses for every day objects we didn't even know existed! We accept them as normal and never ask questions.

These are some things that have every day uses you probably didn't even know about.

1. Fuel Gauges

No, it's not just for telling you how far until empty. Fuel gauges have a tiny arrow next to the gas pump, which indicated which side of the car your gas cap is on.

2. Bread Tags

The colors of bread tags are organized to let you know which day of the week each loaf was delivered to the store. The colors go in alphabetical order: blue, green, red, white, yellow. They each correspond to the days of the week.

3. Jean Pockets

The small, seemingly useless pocket on your jeans isn't useless at all: it's for your pocket watch! More accurately, it was for peoples' pocket watches in the 1800s, when they were much more popular. Now, most people use them for spare change.

Your aluminium box also has a hidden use!

4. Aluminium Box

The small holes on the side of your aluminium box aren't just for easy carrying. You're supposed to push the perforations in, which holds the roll in place when you try and tear off a sheet.

5. Chinese Takeout Containers

In theory, you can unfold the containers into plates and then fold them back up to store your leftovers. But let's get real...who has leftover Chinese food?

6. Pen Caps

BIC Pens

We've all chewed on a pen cap, have you noticed the small hole? That's there in case you accidentally swallow the cap. The hole allows for airflow so you don't choke on the plastic topper.

7. Yogurt Lids

Okay, so maybe it's not what they're designed for, but yogurt lids can be folded into a neat little spoon in case you forgot the real cutlery at home.

8. Elevator Hole

No, it's not the world's worst peep hole. The tiny hole on an elevator door is actually a key hole which can allow access to the chamber if the lift gets stuck or there's some type of emergency.

8. The Raised Numbers On Ketchup Bottles

At the neck of your ketchup bottle, there's a tiny, raised number 57. This is where you're supposed to hit the bottle if the ketchup isn't coming out.

Beer necks are there for a reason!

9. Beer Bottle Necks

The neck of your beer bottle is the manufacturer's way of trying to keep your drink cold. The idea is that you hold the beverage by the neck, not the base, so that your natural body heat doesn't warm up the drink inside.

10. Cup Plungers

Cup plungers aren't actually meant for toilets! The shape makes them specially designed for sinks, instead.

11. Soda Can Tabs

They're not just for collecting! The small hold in the tab can help keep your straw in place. No more floating away!

Which one are you most surprised about?

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