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11 Hacks For Things You Didn't Realize Had A Purpose

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ScienceAlert / Good Housekeeping

Wouldn't it be great if you could do more with your life without having to buy a ton of new things to get it done? Like what if you could easily fix squeaky hinges, open glass jars with no problems, or get all the ketchup out of the bottle, every time?

Well as it turns out, you can put your commonplace items to work in more ways than you would have thought when you bought them. Some of these are pretty creative, and some are just plain obvious!

The metal clip on your tape measure is meant to hold screws in place when checking lengths!

Have you been using bobby pins wrong your whole life? Turns out, it should be wavy side down to grip your hair!

Your dishwasher gloves are incredible for opening glass jars!

Ever forget which side your gas tank is on? Check the arrow on the dashboard!

Have you missed an exit before because it was on a weird side of the highway?  Check out the alignment of the exit sign!

Wait, did you think that the hole was only for straining pasta?

Are you also looking for a quick dust picker-upper?

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