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11 Incredible Photos Taken Just Before History Was Made

Tank Man At Tiananmen Square

This photo was taken moments before the tanks stopped in front of an unidentified man in Tiananmen Square, in Beijing, China.

It was June 5, 1989, when a stranger only known as "Tank Man" became the focus of history's most iconic image of resistance. He bravely stood down four Chinese tanks during protests against political corruption.

This photo might not be the history maker, but it reveals just how large and threatening the row of tanks must have been in contrast to a single, brave man.

Stuart Franklin via Wikimedia

Adolf Hitler's Death

You are looking at what is largely believed to be the last picture of Adolf Hitler ever taken.

The image of Hitler and his adjutant, Julius Schaub, observe the ruins of the Reich chancellery on April 29, 1945.

One day later, Hitler would murder his wife, dog and then commit suicide.

ullstein bild via Getty Images

Amelia Earhart's Mysterious Disappearance

This is the final known photo of Earhart.

The famed pilot bids her husband, George P. Putnam farewell in Miami. On June 1, 1937, Earhart set off on her doomed journey that ended when she disappeared over the Central Pacific Ocean.

Bettmann/Contributor via Getty Images

Moments before his execution, this nexto photo captures the soldiers' steely resolve...

The Execution of  Nguyá»…n Văn Lém

Those who grew up in the '60s will remember the turmoil of the Vietnam War.

This intense picture captures the moments before the Pulitzer Prize-winning photograph was taken of Nguyá»…n Văn Lém's summary execution.

Library of Congress


Thousands of American troops were slaughtered on Omaha Beach during the Allied D-Day invasion of Normandy, France on June 6, 1944.

These American soldiers huddled inside their landing craft as they approach what for many would have been certain death.

Wikimedia Commons

This is what it looked like seconds before President John F. Kennedy was assassinated...

The Assassination Of John F. Kennedy

In this image, President John F. Kennedy is driven down Main Street in Dallas Texas.

The 35th president's motorcade making it's way through Dealey Plaza, when he was fatally shot by Lee Harvey Oswald.

This photo was taken just minutes before his assassination on November 22, 1963.

Walt Cisco/Dallas Morning News via Wikimedia Commons

This next image is one of only two known photos of Abraham Lincoln taken at Gettysburg...

The Gettysburg Address

This is only one of two confirmed images taken of Abraham Lincoln at Soldiers' National Cemetery in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on November 19, 1863.

The grainy photo was taken just three hours before he delivered his historic Gettysburg Address.

Matthew Brady/National Archives and Records Administration via Wikimedia Commons

Hindenburg Disaster

This incredibly clear photograph was taken just a few hours before it's fated firey crash in Manchester Township, New Jersey.

The Hindenburg was, a swastika-laden German airship made its way over New York City on the afternoon of May 6, 1937.

AFP/AFP/Getty Images

John Lennon's Death

Did you know that John Lennon actually met his murderer?

On December 8, 1980, John Lennon was signing albums in New York City, when he was approached by David Chapman.

The man handed him an album, which he signed. The two likely even exchanged a few pleasantries.

Little did he know that hours later, Chapman would take his life.

Paul Goresh via Wikimedia

Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy

Likely one of the last - if not the last - photos taken of Senator Robert F. Kennedy before he was assassinated on June 5, 1968.

Almost immediately after claiming victory in California's presidential primary, RFK was assassinated by Sirhan Sirhan about five minutes after this photo was taken.

Bettmann/Contributor via Getty Images

Lee Harvey Oswald's Death

This intense photo captures the moments before Jack Ruby pulls the trigger and kills Lee Harvey Oswald (second from left) in the basement of the Dallas police headquarters on November 24, 1963.

Ira Jefferson "Jack" Beers Jr./The Dallas Morning News via Wikimedia Commons

How many of these moments do you remember? Did they change your life too?

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