11 Patron Saints Who Can Help Solve Your Everyday Problems

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When everyday struggles are getting you down, it can be helpful to appeal to a higher power. These 11 saints are known for helping people with everyday problems. If you're in a pinch, it couldn't hurt to ask them to lend a hand.

1. St. Anthony of Padua - Finding lost objects

St. Anthony famously had his teaching book stolen by a careless student, and prayed to have it returned. When the thief brought the book back, Anthony earned a reputation for helping people find lost items. That makes him the perfect helper for when you lose your keys, your phone, or your mind.

Just don't confuse him with St. Jude or St. Philomena, who intervene with lost causes.

2. St. Bibiana - Curing hangovers

This saint and the rest of her family were tortured by the Romans because of their faith. At one point, her captors forced St. Bibiana to drink molten lead, but she supposedly “endured the torments with joy.”

Santa Bibiana Shrine, RomeWikimedia

A church was built over Bibiana's final resting place, and for centuries villagers have taken dirt and dust from the church grounds to make holy hangover cures.

She might answer your prayers on those groggy Saturday mornings, but you could also try these cures for something more modern.

3. St. Expeditus - Procrastination

St. Expeditus is known for answering prayers in a speedy fashion, which makes him the patron saint of deal-makers and lawyers. He's also known to help chronic procrastinators overcome their condition, but you should be prepared to offer him something in return - he is a deal-maker after all.

4. St. Clotilde - Disappointing children

This saint was a princess during her lifetime, and married to an important Frankish king. When her husband died, their three sons started behaving very badly. They fought over each other's lands, and even murdered extended family members.

Meanwhile, Clotilde focused on helping the faithful and let her rotten kids fend for themselves. She doesn't exactly sound like a parenting expert, but she could offer some help with your own family.

5. St. Honoratus of Amiens - Baking

It seems a little silly, but any baker who has burned a tray of shortbread cookies or had their souffle deflate knows that it can't hurt to ask for a little bit of divine intervention in the kitchen.

Honoratus wasn't known for his baking skills, but he is associated with a culinary miracle. When his servant heard he was made a bishop, she said the news was as unlikely as her spatula turning into a tree. She set the tool on the ground, and it transformed into a mulberry tree.

Ever since, bakers have prayed to St. Honoratus for their cakes and cookies to turn out just right.

How about a saint who can help with more modern problems?

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