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11 Things Your Ashes Can Do After You Die

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Saying goodbye to a loved one can be one of the toughest things you experience in your life.

Whether it was a family member or friend, the memories you hold with them are some of the most important moments, now that they're gone.

Finding a way to honor their memory and leave you with a cherished keepsake that helps you feel their presence is a great way to show that you will never forget.

Instead of just a tombstone in a graveyard or a classic urns on the mantel, here are some unique ways to share the remains of your loved ones.

An Hourglass Urn

Your ashes can stand the test of time in this beautiful symbolic piece. This keepsake is a wonderful reminder of the time you had together and can be passed on through the generations.

Press Your Ashes Into a Vinyl Record

Music lovers can rest in peace knowing that their remains will be spinning tunes for eternity. Andvinyly presses your asked into a working vinyl record, that your loved ones can listen to in your memory. Which record would you always want to be remembered by?

Beautiful Glass Creations

Have your remains swirled into solid glass art. Artful Ashes is a glass blowing company that will keep the memories of your loved ones in a colorful piece of art that can be inscribed for your family.

Ceramic Creamations

Take a moment to reflect on your loved one while you drink your morning coffee. This memory mug will bring meaning to the everyday objects in your home with the ashes creating these truly unique pieces.

A Diamond Ring


They say diamonds are forever, so it would only be appropriate to cast your ashes into a gorgeous ring. LifeGem turns ashes into beautiful diamonds using a high pressure machine. It can then be crafted into gorgeous jewelry that serves as a wonderful reminder of your loved ones.

Find a way to grow from beyond the grave or explode in the night sky as a celebration of your life on the next page.

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