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11 Ways To Let People In Your Life Know You Love Them

Saying "I love you" can often feel forced, fake, and inappropriate given the circumstances. It's a huge statement and some people feel uncomfortable making themselves that vulnerable.

That's why it's important to know how to let someone know you deeply care with words that don't feel so heavy.

Love comes in many forms: parental love, platonic love, romantic love, etc. Knowing how to express your feelings using appropriate words will lead to a more full, more meaningful life.

If you find yourself struggling to tell someone "I love you," perhaps one of these statements will help get those feelings across.

1. You are special to me.

This statement reinforces a bond unlike any other, without putting yourself in a vulnerable position.

2. I feel safe when I am with you.

This implies a level of protection the other person offers, which is a big part of love.

3. I understand how you are feeling and want to help you.

Being there for someone is a big part of a loving relationship. Acknowledging and accepting a person's emotions at a given moment is important.

4. I will always remember how/when you...

Whether it's a specific moment or the way someone treats you, letting someone know they are in your mind forever is a wonderful way to express your love.

5. I really appreciate everything you have taught me.

Sharing experiences and learning from someone's life is a great treasure, and is not to be forgotten.

6. I feel like I can be myself around you.

Not feeling the need to put on a facade or fake smile when you are around someone is important and tells you they make you feel unconditionally loved.

7. I could spend all day with you and not get bored.

Acknowledging that someone's presence is special to you is a great way to let them know you care.

Continue reading for more alternatives to saying "I love you."

8. I am thankful for your opinions.

Differing opinions are part of life, and knowing you value someone else's views is extremely important.

9. You give me courage to do things I wouldn't normally do.

Having someone who pushes you to go outside your comfort zone can be an essential part of growing in life.

10. I trust you.

It might be simple, but it's a great compliment.

11. You make me laugh.

Humor in any relationship is a key part of life.

There are just some of the ways you can let someone know you love them, without saying those exact words. You should not have to hide your emotions because of fear!

How do you tell people you love them?

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