11-Year-Old-Boy's Dog Was Sick, But He Wasn't Going To Give Up Until He Saved Him

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There's no childhood love that's more pure than that of a boy and his dog. They are our first best friends, and too often our first lessons in death too. Lucas Fuller is only 11, and he's too young to learn that lesson yet.

The hardworking Indiana boy loves his best friend Bear more than anything else in the world, and when Bear got sick, Lucas refused to sit back and watch his friend suffer.

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Recently the big dog began struggling to breathe. Coughing and wheezing, Bear just wasn't himself.

"It kind of sounded like kennel cough," Fuller told WGN news. The family also noticed scabs on the dog's skin, and even pus coming out of his eyes. It was clear that Bear was in rough shape.

They took him to the vet who quickly determined that Bear had blastomycosis. A fungal infection that dogs can contract by sniffing dirt. It attacks the lungs before moving on to affect other areas of the body if not treated in time, and it's fatal if left untreated.


There is a cure for Bear, but it's not cheap. Lucas knows that his family didn't have thousands of dollars to spare, so he got to work.

"I really love this dog and I didn't want him to die."

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