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11-Year-Old Granted Legal Permission To Use Medical Marijuana At School

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The use of cannabis to manage certain medical conditions has been a subject of debate for years. However, there's a growing number of individuals who have opted for medical marijuana to treat symptoms, including pain and anxiety, that accompany chronic disorders and life-threatening diseases like cancer.  

As of April 2017, medical marijuana has been approved for use in 29 states, but there's still a lot of taboo surrounding its use, despite the claims that it improves quality of life for many people.


The topic is even more controversial when it involves children. More and more parents have been turning to cannabis to ease their ill children's discomfort, but of course, not everyone is embracing this treatment form.

For 11-year-old Ashley Surin from Illinois, obtaining medical marijuana was half the battle. Ashley was diagnosed with Leukemia when she was just two-years-old, but after a period of extensive chemotherapy, she beat the cancer. However, the intense treatments have caused her to develop semi-regular seizures.

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When traditional medications didn't suffice, Ashley's parents requested that the doctors prescribe her with medical marijuana. Recent studies have shown cannabis to be an effective treatment for a third of epilepsy patients who have a treatment-resistant form of the condition.

"We're amazed with her progress," Ashleys mom, Maureen told NPR.

Unfortunately, not everyone was on board with Ashley's treatment plan, which resulted in the family having to face a legal battle.

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