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12 Everyday Object You've Been Using Wrong All Along

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It's time to start working smarter, not harder. These everyday objects can do so much more than you ever thought!

Using tissue paper only for gifts

Are you packing clothes that wrinkle easily? Try laying them inside a sheet of tissue paper and then fold it normally. The tissue paper will prevent creases in your clothes.

Opening your key ring

Grab your staple remover for an easy way to open your key ring. No more broken nails and curse words.

Adding the toppings to your Greek yogurt

If you've been scooping out the toppings for your Greek yogurt, you have been doing it all wrong. It turns out that you can fold the container in half so your toppings pour directly into the yogurt.

Pushing the side tabs on the plastic wrap box

Have you noticed the push tabs on the side of your plastic wrap box? Most brands have these to help "secure" the roll so that when you tug it, it doesn't become a tangled mess.

Using the wrong plunger for your toilet

Did you know there are two kinds of plungers? One is made for your toilet, while the other is for your sink. Do you know which one is for which?

Not emptying the water from your iron

When you're done ironing, do you remember to empty the water before storing it? Excess water can damage the internal parts, which could cause leaking and discoloration or the soleplate.

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