12 Fun Facts About Princely Pugs

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12 Fun Facts About Princely Pugs

Pugs are incredible little hero dogs full of spunk and love. It's no wonder that they've been the top pet of choice of royalty for centuries.

Known best for their snuffly noses and compact, muscular bodies, these puppers have a long and impressive history of being one of man's best, best friends.

You don't get through centuries of evolution without a few secrets. Find out these fun facts about the spunky pug below!


1. Pugs are an ancient breed

Since the pug as a breed has been around for so long, their exact beginnings are unknown. Many believe that they started in China, where they existed before 400 BCE as "lo-sze."

Their zen-like nature must be run-off from their time as companions to Buddhist monkes in Tibetan monastaries.


2. They were also treated like royalty

These dogs were so cherished in China that they were given all the luxuries of royal life, including their own mini palaces and guards.

3. A group of pugs is called a grumble

It all started with the Dutch. In Holland, the pug is known as a mopshond, which comes from the verb 'to grumble.'

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4. They're probably named after a monkey

Until the early 18th century, Marmosets were called pugs. When the puggy-faced pup came along, they acquired the name since they looked similar to the mini monkeys.

5. They're Dutch royalty

In 1572, the Prince of Orange, William the Silent, brought his pug, Pompey with him on a campaign against the Spanish. One night, while he was asleep, the little guard dog alerted his master to the Spanish assassins lurking outside his tent.

Thanks to Pompey's bravery, the prince was saved and the assassins were apprehended.

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6. The perfect puggie tail has two curls

Although all pugs are perfect in their human's eyes, the American Kennel Club says that the perfect tail curls twice.

7. Pugs are smart, no, really, one has an MBA

Chester Ludlow is a very smart boy. Well, sort of. In order to bring awareness to diploma fraud in the United States, Chester's owners bought him a degree from the unaccredited Rochville University. He just may be the first pug to get a 3.19 GPA and an A in Finance.


8. There is a secret Pug organization

Roman Catholics formed a secret fraternal group called the Order of the Pug. Since the Pope forbade Catholics from joining the Freemasons, a few of them decided to make their own secret club.

In Order to join, devotees had to kiss the rear of the Grand Pug under his tail (thankfully it was a porcelain figure). Other rituals included: wearing dog collars, scratching at the lodge door and barking loudly.


9. Napoleon's wife had a guard-pug

Fortune was the lucky guard dog who followed Napoleon's wife, Josephine, wherever she went. She loved the little dog so much, that he slept in her bed, so that she could keep him close. There are rumors that when Napoleon first entered his new wife's bed, little Fortune bit him on the leg!

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10. Before there were Corgis in the British palace, there were Pugs

Queen Victoria loved pugs. She was such a lover of the puggie pups that she banned the practice of cropping their ears!

Sey, Finland

11. They are brachycephalic

Being brachycephalic means that these little puppers have pushed-in noses. It's a medical term for a condition that involves smushed faces that can often lead to breathing problems.

Because of the way their faces are shaped, they have a hard time taking long, deep breaths. Although they've got plenty of energy, they're not quite able to breath when they run. Which is probably why they get little bursts of energy and then collapse in a heap of snuffling.


12. Their number one job is to be your buddy

But above all else, these punky little buddies were bred for one special purpose: to be your friend forever! They really are the perfect companion dogs and their favorite place to be is right by your side!


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