12 Of The Worst And Best Things About Being Short We Can All Relate To

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There a lot of things that come with being short, some are horrible and some are great. Either way, we can relate to them all.

1. You always have to take the middle seat.

When you're going in a full car, you're almost always elected to sit in the middle because you're the smallest. Just because you're small doesn't make it more comfortable!

2. People tell you you're short too often.

You know you're short, everyone else knows that you know you're short, but for some reason they have to remind you of it whenever you meet someone new.

3. Heels make you average height.

Okay, this is awesome because tall people can't change their height and make themselves shorter but we can! You want to be two inches taller today, sure! You want to be six inches taller today, sure! I just hope you have good balance. The only downside to this is if all your friends decide to wear heels too and you still look short, just short with bad balance.

4. You'll be stuck in the junior section forever.

Spending hours looking through the juniors section because they fit you better than woman's clothes, but you also don't want a graphic tee with a monkey on it.

5. All your jeans have bunches at the bottom.

Finding a pair of jeans that are short enough for your legs is nearly impossible. You have to chose between, hemming them, rolling them or just letting them bunch. If you're really lucky you find a pair of short pants that fit you perfectly, but would be capri's on anyone else.

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