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12 Of The Worst And Best Things About Being Short We Can All Relate To


There a lot of things that come with being short, some are horrible and some are great. Either way, we can relate to them all.

1. You always have to take the middle seat.

When you're going in a full car, you're almost always elected to sit in the middle because you're the smallest. Just because you're small doesn't make it more comfortable!

2. People tell you you're short too often.

You know you're short, everyone else knows that you know you're short, but for some reason they have to remind you of it whenever you meet someone new.

3. Heels make you average height.

Okay, this is awesome because tall people can't change their height and make themselves shorter but we can! You want to be two inches taller today, sure! You want to be six inches taller today, sure! I just hope you have good balance. The only downside to this is if all your friends decide to wear heels too and you still look short, just short with bad balance.

4. You'll be stuck in the junior section forever.

Spending hours looking through the juniors section because they fit you better than woman's clothes, but you also don't want a graphic tee with a monkey on it.

5. All your jeans have bunches at the bottom.

Finding a pair of jeans that are short enough for your legs is nearly impossible. You have to chose between, hemming them, rolling them or just letting them bunch. If you're really lucky you find a pair of short pants that fit you perfectly, but would be capri's on anyone else.

6. The top shelf of a cupboard is unusable.

You would much rather have a very full first two shelves, rather than having to jump on the counter or get a step stool to reach the top shelf.

7. Being insanely close to the steering wheel.

Moving your seat so far up so that your feet can reach the pedals, but that also means the steering wheel is basically resting at your chest. And then wondering if it's safe to be so close to the air bag.

8. Your feet always hang.

You have two options: Sit at the very edge of your chair or let your feet dangle. Also, people always seen to have to point out when your feet are dangling.

9. Having to sprint to keep up to people.

One tall person's step is two to three short person's steps. They need to accept that they should just walk slower next to us, so we don't have to break a sweat just trying to keep up.

But it's not all bad...

10. People always think you are younger.

When you were younger it was horrible looking like the baby, but when you turn 40 and still look like you're 32, joke is on them.

11. Great calves.

All those years of standing on your tip-toes to look taller in pictures pays off. You have perfectly tones calves in no time. Also, you spend so much time shaving in the shower because your calves are so short!

12. Always a lot of leg room.

Airplanes and long car rides are so much more enjoyable than they are to your tall friends. You always have plenty of leg room and never have to worry about having to bend like a pretzel just to fit.

Being short is the worst but also sometimes the best.