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12 Simple Hairstyles For When We Don't Have The Time Or The Energy

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Getting ready in the morning can be difficult, without even worrying about what you're going to do with your hair. From screaming kids, to aching joints, getting ready to start your day doesn't need be a challenge.

Since it seems like I am always running behind, I am that person who constantly has their hair up in a ponytail because it's quick and easy without being in the way.

The classic ponytail is not really cute, so here are some hairstyles that are easy, but don't compromise style.

1. This simple chignon is perfect when you're heading out to work.

Start by twisting both sides of your hair and secure it in a low ponytail. Then make a small hole in between the base of your head and the ponytail so you can pull your hair through. Roll the rest of your hair up and secure it with bobby pins.

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2. The Twisted Halo is simple and cute

Twist back a small section of your hair and pin it in the middle. Repeat on the section side and tuck the seams into each other.


3. Upgrade your ponytail with a side braid.

Have you become the master of the side braid yet? Well, you should! This side braid in your classic ponytail is adorable.


4. Busy Morning? Make a "Bun On The Run"

Remember the sock bun trend? Well use your hair donut to give yourself a perfect bun with the added touch of two braids. Get the full tutorial here.

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5. Twist and pin

It doesn't get any easier than this. Add a little flair by placing your bobby pins in an X shape to use them as an accessory.

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6. Long locks? Try a Side Sweep without the worry

Always worried that your side sweep will fall out? Don't be with this simple trick! Simply sweep your hair to one side, and then gather the section around the back of your neck and tie it with an elastic.


7. Tuck and cover

Take a gorgeous headband and tuck your hair around the back of it to cover the back. So simple and it keeps all your hair in place! Get all the steps to pull this one off here.

8. Bow bun

Get festive this holiday season with a cute bow in your hair. Take your long locks and transform your messy bun into a cute bow just in time for the festivities.

9. Give your ponytail some volume

If you have to resort to putting your hair in a ponytail, give it some added lift with a second elastic. Section your hair into two ponytails and tease the top one to give it enough fullness to hide the bottom one.

10. Try a side braid with loops

Take your side-pony to the next level with a chain of loops. Get the full instructions here.

11. Instant French roll

I love the French roll, but can't seem to master this classic. Great for both long and short hair this simple tactic will get your hair into this classic style in just a few minutes.

12. Knot your average pony

This adorable ponytail is several step ups from the classic with little to no effort!

Which simple hairstyle do you like the best? Share with us in the comments.

Inspiration: Diply