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12 Simple But Stunning Pine Cone Crafts To Beautify Your Home

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As the seasons change, we're always looking for new ways to decorate our homes. Sure, you could head to a department store and spend a lot of money on pre-made things, but there's something so special about homemade crafts and projects!

These pine cone crafts are a simple, yet elegant, way to decorate your home and release your inner DIY king or queen!

1. Pine Cone Topiary

This craft is perfect for either indoors or outdoors, and you can personalize both the size and color!

2. Pine Cone Roses

Rhonda Greene shows you how to make cute pine cone flowers, which you can give as a bouquet or use around the house! These also make a cute gift from a child to Mom on Mother's Day.

3. Pine Cone Wreath

A classic for both fall and winter, a pine cone wreath is the perfect addition to your front door. This is another craft that you can customize size, color, and arrangement to make it fit into your style preferences!

4. Pine Cone Spider

A fun and spooky craft to do with the kids around Halloween! It could also be a great classroom activity.

5. Lighted Pine Cone Arrangement

You can thank Martha Stewart for this stunning piece of home decor! It could be perfect for your Thanksgiving centerpiece, or just as a staple in your house during autumn and winter.

6. Pine Cone Fire Starters

This craft is perfect to keep around if you have an outdoor fire pit or an indoor wood-burning fireplace! The scented fire starters also make great party favors and housewarming gifts.

7. Ombre Pine Cones

These cute pine cones would look awesome in a bowl on the mantel or coffee table! You can change up the colors each season, and make them festive if it's that time of year!

8. Pine Cone Bird Feeder

Another kid-friendly craft that will also attract beautiful wildlife to your yard!

9. Flower Pine Cones

For those dark, winter months when color is nowhere to be found, these stunning pine cones inspired by the zinnia flower will be perfect. Pick whichever colors make you happy!

10. Pine Cone Christmas Trees

These are seasonal, of course, but aren't they spectacular? A perfect addition for your holiday decor this season!

11. Pine Cone Succulent Planter

A beautiful, innovative, easy planter is just a pine cone away! These make perfect additions to an indoor living room, or an outdoor patio.

12. Fairy House

Every garden needs a fairy house! It can also be kept indoors for year-round beauty.

Which craft are you most looking forward to trying?

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