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12 Times That Our Animal Friends Definitely Made The Naughty List

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It's everyone's favorite time of the year: there's trees in the house, snow on the ground, plenty of goodies to snack on, and everyone is extra friendly. You would think this would be heaven on Earth to our pets - but you'd be wrong.

Whether they are just a couple bad apples or maybe something innate in the animal kingdom that rejects the Yuletide spirit, there are plenty of examples where critters are clearly not okay with all the attention

Here are the fur-balls that are less-than-happy to have anything to do with Christmastime!

Sometimes the party is ruined before it can even begin

"Maybe you could help me before you get mad? Please?"

If you thought cleaning up after normal Christmas Day was bad enough...

For some animals, stopping X-mas is a goal. For others, it is a mission.

Tragic accident, or complex plan to bring down the whole holiday season?

All he wanted was a cute Christmas card to send to his family. Yeah, not quite!

But they aren't the only four-legged fiends intent on destroying the spirit of the season!

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