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12 Weird, Harmless Kites That Will Make You Run For Cover

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Who doesn't have great memories of flying a kite as a kid? All you needed was a simple piece of fitted plastic, a line of string, and a good windy day, and suddenly you were having the time of your life as you tried to keep it going as long as you could! It's simple fun at its best.

However, we're pretty sure that if we saw any of these 12 kites as kids, we'd probably just end up either confused or crying.

Because nothing says "fun times for the kids" like a creepy kabuki mask

Gomberg Kites

Or how about a giant spider?

Gomberg Kites

Or some kind of giant toothed worm?


This bear is surprisingly creepy


Seriously, what is it with the giant toothed worms?

Gomberg Kites

The kites somehow just get weirder from here...

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