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13 Advent Calendars That Are Better Than Chocolate

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As the holiday season approaches, we start to prepare our Christmas lists. One of the best parts of the countdown to Christmas is opening your advent calendar every day and getting a little treat. But as you get older, chocolate can start to get repetitive. That's why these chocolate-alternative advent calendars should be on top of everyone's list.

1. Pringles Advent Calendar

Because who doesn't want a different flavor of Pringles every day?

2. Lego Advent Calendar

Alright, so this one may seem childish. But the kid in everyone still loves LEGO!

3. Gin Advent Calendar

Every day, a new gin from around the world! Keep warm this winter with something other than a blanket.

4. Marshmallow Advent Calendar

The Naked Marshmallow

Attention all hot chocolate lovers! This one is for you. Flavors include s’mores, gingerbread, candy cane, humbug, mint chocolate chip and chocolate orange.

5. Kellogg's Cereal Calendar

An advent calendar that can be eaten in the morning? Yes please.

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