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13 Amazing Photos That Show Just How Fast Our World Can Change

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5. Maju Deval Temple, Nepal

An example of how drastically a natural disaster can change our world, these extraordinary temples build in the 17th century were turned to rubble when the country was hit by an earthquake in 2015.

The temple after the 2015 earthquake.Santiago Giraldo Anduaga

6. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The Dubai Trade Centre in the 1990s.CitiSpi

After the Gulf War in 1990, Dubai re-branded itself as a city that thrived on global tourism, and the city's transformation since then has been incredible. The Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, is just one of the modern city's incredible attractions.

Dubai's skyline today.Investing Group

7. Independence Square in Kiev, Ukraine

During the Euromaidan protests in 2013 and 2014, Independence Square was ground zero for protests against the country's government, and the endless confrontations turned it into a war-zone. Today it's ready to welcome tourists again, and the transformation is like night and day.

The square looks the same today as it did in this photo from 2009.HuffPost

8. Animas River, Colorado

This river is popular with locals for tubing, kayaking and swimming, but it definitely wasn't during a chemical spill in 2015. Waste from a nearby gold mine turned the river orange. Today, it's back to normal.

9. The Atacama Desert, Chile

No, gardeners weren't busy planting flowers between the time these photos were taken. The normally barren desert sprang to life a few months after some unusually heavy rains came to the region, dumping 14 years worth of water in a few days.

10. Soldier Key, Florida

This tiny 200 yard island is just 6 feet above sea level, so it's no surprise that it was totally swamped by hurricane Andrew, as you can see in these before and after pictures.

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