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13 Popular Dishes From Around The World That Turn Our Stomachs

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They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but taste is pretty much universal.

While we probably eat more chips, soda, cookies and candy than the rest of the world, there's no denying those foods are delicious. You can't say the same about these 13 "local delicacies."

1. China - Drunken Shrimp


You've probably tried something called "drunken shrimp" at your local Chinese restaurant, but this dish is not the same. Rather than being marinated in liquor and cooked, the traditional recipe involves "stunning" shrimp in ethanol before eating them live.

I love shrimp, but it's probably hard to eat as many when they're staring back at you.

2. Laos and Indonesia - Stink bugs

Planet Orange

We hate to break the news to you, but eating bugs could be the next big trend for America's culinary scene. Bugs are a popular snack around the world because they're high in protein and easy to farm.

In case you're thinking "stink bugs" don't sound very appetizing, you're right. Even proud bug-eaters admit they're like chewing on bitter sunflower seeds.

3. Scotland - Haggis

The Sun

We're sure lots of countries "invented" boiling a sheep's heart, liver, and lungs in the animal's own stomach, but only the Scots are proud enough to take the credit. It's nothing impressive to look at, but the "nutty" texture is supposedly nice with a side of mashed potatoes.

For the less daring, there's also a vegetarian version which swaps nuts and beans for the sheep bits.

4. Thailand - Durian

Mother Nature Network

Durians are available throughout Asia, but don't expect to pick them up at the grocery store and bring them back to your hotel. These huge stinky fruits have been banned by most taxi companies, since the smell can linger for days.

If you can get pas the stink - which has been compared to rotting onions and raw sewage - the "custardy" fruit is said to taste pretty good.

5. Mongolia - Kumis

Matu Tourism

Like children around the world, the kids of Mongolia drink cow's milk to grow up big and strong. But their parents will reach for kumis - or horse milk - to get a little buzz. Since mare milk is so sugary, it becomes slightly alcoholic after it's fermented. While leaving the milk to curdle doesn't sound appetizing, it's a necessary step because raw horse milk is a powerful laxative.

6. Japan - Shirako

Japan Centre

While it looks like brain tissue, shirako is actually much more disgusting (which is impressive). Called "white children," the sushi dish is made from the sperm sacs of fish like cod, and served cold. Tourists brave enough to try it say the dish is sweet, and tastes like custard.

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