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13 "Healthy" Foods You Need To Cut Down On

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7) Flavored Yogurt


We get it, plain yogurt starts to feel like a homework assignment after you eat it for too long. Unfortunately, most flavored yogurts have a ton of sugar added to them for the flavor, which more or less defeats the purpose.

8) Pre-packaged Salads

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Now, there's nothing wrong with buying lettuce that comes in a box as opposed to in a full head: in fact, it's often more cost-effective. However, as soon as you start adding things like croutons, bacon bits and dressing, the nutritional value starts to vanish.

9) Energy/Protein Bars

These can be great in a pinch, but they are often LOADED with sugar and fat, not to mention artificial ingredients no one can pronounce. Not only that, but how often has one of these things ever actually made you feel full? Yeah, that's what I thought.

10) Veggie Chips

By the time the drying and salting process is done with these things, any nutritional elements of the vegetables used to make them are gone. It's really no better than just eating potato chips.

11) Processed Deli Meats


Turkey is a great source of lean protein, especially if you roast it yourself or get it from a butcher shop. However, avoid the pre-packaged stuff at all costs, as those are loaded with sodium and preservatives, none of which are good for you.

12) Couscous

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Couscous is basically just tiny pasta, so you're not getting any health benefits from it that you wouldn't get from a plate of spaghetti. Opt for quinoa if you're looking for a healthy grain.

13) Rice Cakes


They're an airy and light snack, but in terms of carb-to-weight ratio, rice cakes are high. They also contain lots of sodium and lack fiber, so again, you're eating empty calories and consuming more carbs.

Which of these foods surprised you the most?

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