13 Home Appliances That Let You Live Like The Jetsons

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When the House of the Future was built in the 1950s, the creators had a lot of wacky predictions. Plastic houses with flat screen TVs  refrigerators in the ceiling didn't become common, but the house did feature a microwave oven before anyone knew what that was. Today, we're still waiting for robot butlers, voice-controlled homes and robot bartenders, but we're already pretty close. It turns out there are some very clever appliances on the market today that will make you feel like you're Jane Jetson.

Whether you want an oven with the brain of a Master Chef or a trashcan that does your groceries, there's something on this list for everyone.

1. The Bissell BarkBath

Does your dog like taking a bath? I didn't think so. Cats have a reputation for hating the water but dogs are just as bad, so this portable cleaning tool that lets you wash your dog anywhere in your home is a miracle. The nozzles are even specially designed to get under the fur, and which saves water and time.

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2. Mr. Coffee Wi-Fi Enabled Brewer

Maybe a coffee-maker that connects to your phone seems excessive, but the first time you tell this machine to brew your morning joe without getting out of bed you'll understand the appeal.

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3. COSORI Food Saver

The dream of the space age was vacuum-packed food that would stay fresh indefinitely, and that's a reality today. Turn your kitchen into the Space Station and save some money by letting this handy device pack all your leftovers.

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4. Nesco Food Dehydrator

The flip-side of vacuum packing your meals is drying out some tasty snacks. These machines can be a little pricey, but they'll save you money for years because they can make jerky, dried fruit, spices and even fresh potpourri.

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