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13 Surprisingly Handy Uses For WD-40

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If you have someone handy living in your home odds are they keep a can of WD-40 sitting in their toolbox.

Since it was introduced in the 1950s, professionals and DIY fanatics all over the planet have sworn by the spray and its water-repelling powers.

In case you're not familiar, the "WD" stands for "water displacing," and since it took 40 tries to get the formula right it must be good.

You might be surprised to learn about all the handy uses for this product. WD-40 is perfectly suited to jobs in every room of your house - and your backyard to boot.

Read this list and try one of these projects this weekend.

1. Protect your hands while you garden

WD-40 was designed to keep missiles safe from rust, but it's just as good at a much smaller job: protecting your wooden garden tools from moisture.

You'll never get a splinter if you spray any wooden handles with WD-40 at the start of the gardening season.

2. Waterproof your shoes

If you spray a little WD over the outside of your shoes, it will keep out any snow. It will also clean off any salt stains at the same time.

You can also use this tip while you're hiking to lock out moisture. Duct tape works just as well, but your feet will look a little silly.

3. Clean scuff marks like magic

It's the weekend and you just want to enjoy your free time, but your kids have tracked through your kitchen and scuffed the tiles.

Just spray on a little WD and wipe it off. Wham! Your tiles are good as new.

4. Repel bugs

A little squirt on any pests will kill them instantly, but you can also spray around the entryways of your house to keep them out. Warning: keep your home well ventilated while you're spraying.

A little spray under the eaves of your house can even keep wasps from nesting there.

5. Un-stick your glasses

We've all been in this terrifying situation. It can seem like there's no way to separate the glasses without breaking them. A little spray with WD will make them slide apart easily.

(Just remember to wash them off afterwards).

6. Keep your garden looking spotless

If you're looking for an organic weed-killer try this instead, but for gardeners who aren't picky a spray of WD-40 will kill any weeds in not time.

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