13 Tricks Every Cat Lover Should Know

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Having a cat is sort of like having a baby: you need to feed them, take good care of them, and rearrange everything in your house to keep them safe.

Despite all the hard work we do our pets always find a way to get into trouble. Cats have a talent for ruining your home, but you can stay one step ahead of them with these clever tips.

Whether your cat loves to ruin your furniture, stink up your living room or bother you when you're on the computer, this list has the brilliant solution you need to live happily with your pet.

1. Keep your houseplants safe

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If your cats love to dig up or destroy your potted plants, you can easily keep them away using a few pine cones. Cats don't even want to think about touching these.

2. Mix tea into your cat litter


A few dry green tea leaves will neutralize the odors coming from your cat's litter box.

3. Kill fleas with candles

You can buy a flea bath for your pet, but there's a cheap and easy way to kill these pests that your cat will prefer. Light a candle in the same room as your pet and the fleas will be attracted to the light. A few squirts of dishwashing liquid on a plate with the candle makes this even more effective.

4. Keep cats off your keyboard

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If you have trouble getting any work done while on the computer, you can trick your cat into giving you some personal space. Just set up a box next to your computer and they'll happily crawl inside.

5. Easily fix a screen door

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It turns out enough families have had their screen doors shredded by pet cats that there's a product designed to fix them. This clever tape will make claw marks disappear.

6. Build a cat tent


This guide will show you how to build a little clubhouse for your cats using just a t-shirt and some wire hangers. It's perfect for cats who love their personal space.

7. Learn your cat's body language

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Is your cat agitated, or just upset? It can be hard to tell the difference, and it's not like they can tell you, so study your cat's body language.

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