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13 Unusual Dog Breeds That Will Become Your New Obsession

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Americans love dogs, but they also have very boring taste. Yes, we love German shepherds, poodles, beagles and labs as much as everyone else, but the world is full of amazing and weird dog breeds that don't get the kind of love that they deserve. Some are unique twists on popular breeds that look totally stunning, while others are popular in other parts of the world but totally unknown here.

Whether you like unusual markings, fancy hairdos or totally unique looks, there's a breed on this list for every type of dog-lover.

Who knows, someday these breeds could become hits in this country as well, but until then we'll admire them from afar.

1. Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen

Where to begin with this adorable little dog? It has the best features of a Basset hound and a terrier, which soft and fuzzy fur. Don't let his cute looks fool you, these dogs used to hunt wild boar, but they're also known for being friendly with other pets.

2. Red Heeler

If you love corgis but prefer having a large dog, this breed is a good compromise, since these dogs share a lot of their features. They're actually a cross between Collies and dingoes, which makes them good working dogs and friendly companions.

3. Bergamasco

The Bergamasco is an Italian dog known for being covered in huge scales like a lizard - okay, not really, but you could believe it right? They actually have 3 coats of hair that naturally get matted over time. The dog is perfectly comfortable, because the matted hair actually protects them from the weather.

4. Brindle Greyhound

Is this a rare breed of racing tiger? No, it's a plain old greyhound, but the special coat really makes them look like the big cat. Warning: if you buy one of these totally adorable dogs, be prepared to share the couch with them, because they're notorious snugglers.

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