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13 Ways To Reuse Your Dryer Sheets Outside Of The Dryer

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I think we all love having dryer sheets in with our laundry, it gives them an extra boost of freshness and takes the static out of our clothes too. My problem with dryer sheets is that they are so expensive for a disposable item that I tend to go through so quickly. Due to this, I rarely ever buy them. That was until I found out all the uses for them, outside of the dryer. Dryer sheets can be reused for so many different purposes around the house.

1. Repels Rodents.

Something about dryer sheets repels rodents. Place them in your garage, basement, camper, or anywhere you want to make sure rodents aren't making a home out of.

2. Remove deodorant stains.

Ever put on a shirt just to realize you have those white lines of deodorant stain on it? Nothing seems to take these off without having to wash it. A dryer sheet will easily remove them.

3. Cleans bugs off the car.

Wet a dryer sheet and wipe down the front of your car where bugs have gotten caught in. The fabric is tough enough to scrub away the insects but not so harsh as to damage the paint or finish.

4. Clean up dry spills.

Dryer sheets are able to get the dry spill to stick to them, unlike any sort of paper towel, making the clean-up a lot easier. This works for pretty much any dry or grainy spill.

5. Dusting.

Dryer sheets actually work better than that expensive spray you're buying. This is because they dust the surfaces the same, but also repels dust much longer than traditional dusting sprays. They will work on basically any hard surface.

6. Scissor sharpener.

Wipe the blade on the dryer sheet to make it sharper.

7. Screen and glasses cleaner.

Since any screen and glasses are somehow always covered in dust, dryer sheets are designed to reduce the static cling which will remove the dust and keep it from resettling on the surface.

8. Pet hair remover.

Wiping a dryer sheet on basically any pet hair covered surface will remove it. This even works on clothes or furniture.

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