14 Funny Wildlife Photos To Make You Laugh Out Loud

There's no doubt that wild animals are scary and vicious which makes them all the more difficult to photograph. Animal photographers need patience and a sprinkle of luck to capture snaps of animals in their natural habitats.

The photos don't always turn out as expected but that's the beauty of it. In fact, there's an annual contest that is centered around these amusingly imperfect pictures.

The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards is a competition launched in 2015 by two wildlife photographers. The contest is to showcase photographs of "wildlife doing funny things" in partnership with Born Free Foundation because "way more importantly, this competition is about conservation."

After receiving more than 2,200 entries from around the world, the 2016 winners were announced and it's not hard to see why they ranked among the top.  

U.S photographer Angela Bohlke took the top overall prize for her photo of a fox that missed its target and it resulted in a face-plant.

“The picture shows a red fox hunting for his morning breakfast, a small rodent, known as a vole," Bohlke said in a statement. "This photograph is from one of the times he unfortunately, however, hilariously missed. On the third try, he finally succeeded."

Bohlke took the image at Yellowstone National Park and she plans on donating any profit from the sales to the park.

Check out the rest of the silly photos that won awards and commendable mentions on the next page.

Winner of Kenya Airways in The Air Category - Nicholas De Vaulx
Winner of the Underwater Category - Jim Chen
Winner of the Portfolio Category - Mario Gustavo Fiorucci
Winner of the Junior Category - Thomas Bullivant
Tom Sables

Austin Thomas
Adam Parsons
Vaughn Jessnitz
Caroline Tout