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14 Reasons Why Love Only Gets Better As You Get Older

CatFly / Recreo Viral

It's often said that only kids can have fun, but here are the grey foxes that prove your age doesn't matter if the fire still burns just as bright!

What's better than a hubby who will join you for a pedicure date?

Get you someone who will kiss you no matter who is watching!

When you recreate the happiest day of your 70 years together

You're never too old to have fun!

For when you share everything, literally

Just agree to those dancing lessons early on, okay?

But really, who's counting? Okay they are, and it's awesome!

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The couple that works out together, stays together!

Maybe don't ever act your age

Shout out to the ever-vigilant Rita

When all you want to hear is "Ohhh Popeye!"

You gotta learn to share your hobbies with each other sometime!

When you do, something beautiful comes together!

Make sure you do all you can to keep the magic alive, always

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